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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jonathan Ortiz

Today's post is about Jonathan Ortiz.  
Jonathan was diagnosed with Infantile Cerebral Palsy, quadriplegia.  

As Jonathan's Mother, Claudia describes:"No one is prepared to have a child with special needs, I definitely wasn't!  The first time I took him home after being in the hospital for a little bit more than a month, I just closed my mind. Physically my child looked fine, I didn't see any disability.  It was when he wasn't rolling over, when he didn't sit by himself and all the other things babies do, I just had to open my eyes and try to do the best for him."

At first, Claudia was afraid to reach out, and then even more afraid that she wouldn't get him the help Jonathan needed. At 2, he was barely crawling to get around.  Being raised in a family, where people kept their problems to themselves didn't help.  But watching Jonathan struggle was enough to show Claudia that she and her husband, Victor, needed to reach out for Jonathan's best interests.

One of the groups that Claudia found, was Variety Club!  When she realized there were programs and opportunities available for those things out of reach for Jonathan, she felt relief.  The United Cerebral Palsy group, also in the Palm Springs area, work with families like Jonathan's to get him the services and equipment he needs.

These available programs and opportunities, once thought out of reach, are now starting to help Jonathan and his family.

Claudia states it best: 

"Jonathan's happiness, has been my motivation!  He has taught me the idea of never giving up when it comes to reach out for something he wants. The good things that have come into our lives, is realizing that out there they are people with many different needs, you see the world with different eyes."

Congratulations to Jonathan, Claudia and Victor for reaching out and finding that what you need is out there!


  1. daniel villa
    first of all i would like to thank all the programs out there that help so many guys make a difference in so many lifes.jonathan ortiz is my nephew and its amazing how he can make me smile no matter what my situation is. I know his condition does not have a cure but my wishes are to make his life as happy and comfortable as it can really amazes me how this kid who has gone thru so much still keeps on smiling.he has the hearth of a worrior.once again thanks to all of you who make a difference.It is really good to know that people still care

  2. Jonathan is a very kind and happy boy that always puts a smile to my face evnthough he struggles at times he never wants to give up Jonathan motivates and inspries me to nevergive up in life and to always give it my all like as he does everyday.. love always

    I would like to thank all the programs that help so many kids.
    I really hope that you help him and give him the program because he needed.Jonathan Ortiz best wishes for you.

    I hope you help Jonathan Ortiz with the program.
    Jonathan Ortiz is the son of a good friend.She's a great example for all the moms in the world.She has gone thru so much work.

  5. It makes me feel good knowing that people help other people. Looking at Jonathan makes you understand that we are fragile in this wolrd.

  6. my name is victor ortiz and im Jonathans big brother.I think its great that there are programs that help people in need.I would like to say that Jonathan is a brave kid and he deserves to be happy


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