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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dignity counts

It's important to remember, that as care givers, one of the most important jobs entrusted to us, is preserving the dignity of those we care for.
What do I mean by this?
Well, there are many people who would "de-value" the life of those we care for.  They feel that because someone has less abilities than you or I, that somehow, their lives are not as important.
Really?  How is that?  What are these people doing in their daily lives to make the
planet a better place?
Yesterday, when my wife picked up Taylor from her day program, her pants were down below her diaper.  She had gone on an outing that way.
Now, we're almost certain the person who changed her, would never go out in public like they allowed Taylor to.  Nor would they send their children out that way.
Just because Taylor can't speak, doesn't make it acceptable to make her any less presentable.

Leslie was mad.
But even madder, was Taylor's case worker.  She took it upon herself to make certain that Taylor's dignity was preserved.  She went above and beyond.  VERY inspiring to see a paid employee of the County take someones appearance so seriously!
So when you are caring for an individual that cannot speak, make sure they appear how YOU would want to appear!
They can be the best person THEY can be, without having to look less than presentable.
They are here to help and inspire.....not distract!

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