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Friday, May 11, 2012

Paid care givers....An important component!

Most talk and writing about care giving is about FAMILY caregivers, the biggest population of care givers.
But we are going to devote stories not only focused on the FAMILY care givers, but the paid ones as well.  Most of us that are care givers, share in the care of our loved ones with others.
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Respite workers
  • Aids
These people are paid to help in care giving.  But does that minimize their role?
Absolutely NOT.
Yes, there are people who get into the profession of care giving because there's a need, and it's a steady vocation.  But for these people to last, they need to be a special kind of person.  A person who is in tune with special needs, disabled, or the elderly.
When my daughter, Taylor, had the privilege of attending the Special Education program at Palm Desert High, she was exposed to so many care givers, special teachers and aids who went out of their way to make her life great!

This has occurred at MOST of her schools, starting all the way back to Purdy Elementary!
So, we look forward to not only sharing your stories of inspiration that have come from being a care giver, we look forward to hearing your stories of paid care givers that have been a part of your journey...and the inspiration they've provided to you and those you care for!

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